Use Royal Organic Products for Agriculture Needs

Royal Organics Fertility Package:

Combine organic matter, nutrients and biology into one package and one application. We work with you, the grower, or your agronomist to develop a blend that meets your soil's needs.

Royal Classic or Soil SupliMint provides a base of high organic matter, biology, micro-nutrients and a supply of NPK. We then blend fertilizers and other amendments to make it work for you.

Apples and other tree fruit growers can band the blend at the base of the trees in the fall, spring, or right after the cherries are picked. We make it easier by combining products into one application to save you time and money.

Wine grape growers are looking for a unique fertility package that sets their fruit apart from others. We work with you to provide the tools to make that happen.

Use Royal Organic Products Compost for Agriculture Needs

Straight Compost:

High quality compost increases your soil health and your plant health. Organic matter increases water holding capacity, increases the cat-ion exchange enable the plant to take up nutrients more efficiently, which gives the microbiology a food source. The microbiology breaks down nutrients into usable forms for plants. Studies show that the microbiology in properly produced quality compost can suppress some soil borne diseases.

High quality compost has become an added tool in precision agriculture for farming row crops such as wheat, canola, corn, soy and peas. Visit to learn more.

Use Royal Organic Products Pellets for Agriculture Needs

Pelletized for Precision:

(No-Till, Direct Seed, Conventional seed, high and low volume) in row crops such as wheat, canola, corn, legumes and others now has a new tool to get the benefits of high quality compost.

Our pelletized compost products make application and handling easier, while retaining all of the benefits of compost, including the microbiology, while allowing you to use conventional fertilizer applicators to place it where you need it.

Visit to learn more or contact us for the latest analysis at 509-346-9221.

Request A Custom Blend:

Royal Organic Products can blend Royal Classic, Soil SupliMint and other components to meet your soil’s needs. We can supply fertilizers and other soil amendments (both organic and conventional) or your fertilizer supplier can deliver to our facility.

Our techniques for blending create a homogenous mixture enables the grower to apply the whole fertility package at once, saving time and money.

Contact us today to request a custom blended product!


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