Royal Classic Compost

Royal Classic Compost by Royal Organic ProductsRoyal Classic is versatile organic compost made from tree limbs, grass clippings, leaves, some food scraps and other common green waste materials. No manure or biosolids are included. Our compost is rich in organic matter making it great for nearly every situation that requires organic material.

The Washington State Department of Transportation’s (WSDOT) Qualified Products List includes Royal Organic Products as the only compost supplier in eastern Washington on their approved list. The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) lists Royal Classic on their Brand Name Materials List (BNML) as approved for use in Organic Agriculture. It also meets United States Golf Association (USGA) standards for compost.

Royal Classic Compost is screened to meet individual requirements and specifications, making it ideal for custom blending and easy application. It is an excellent base for creating a whole fertility package by adding other fertilizers and soil amendments. Growers can reduce application costs and time by placing their whole package of organic matter, nutrients and soil biology in one application.

Royal Classic Compost by Royal Organic Products



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